Antwerp heritage


Cruise Terminal

“Bierhoofd” wharf and part of the medieval city walls were discovered near the Cruise Terminal.

English Quay/Pilotage building

A test pit was dug near the Pilotage building to conduct a survey of the quay wall at Brouwersvliet.

Meekaai Quay

Remnants of the walls of Brouwersvliet were examined in a trench near the quay known as Rouaanse Kaai.

Plantinkaai Quay

A trench was excavated near the current coach parking in Plantinkaai to examine the Napoleonic quay wall.

Sint-Jansvliet (en)

About 800 years ago, Sint-Jansvliet was transformed from a natural inlet to a small harbour where boats could moor.

Sint-Pietersvliet (en)

The historic quay wall of Sint-Pietersvliet was found in a test pit on the quay plateau.

Steenen Kraan (en)

Remnants of the medieval quay wall and the dwellings that connected to it were found under Ortelius quay.

Zuiderterras car park

The Napoleonic quay wall runs under the hangars near Zuiderterras. Two test pits were dug here to determine its exact location.